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The main advantages of the carved sawing machine

High quality electrical and hydraulic components, stable and reliable performance.

  • The cutting speed is 3 to 5 times faster than the hack sawing machine.

  • The sawing machine and circular sawing machine are narrow and save materials.

  • The speed of the saw blade is adjusted, the line
    speed is reasonable, and the speed is stepless.

  • morning eagle three advantages

    Specializing in the manufacturing and development of sawing machines.

  • Good quality

    The completion of a sawing machine has been successfully
    debugged, and it is redebugged at the sales site
    to ensure the quality of the sawing machine.

  • Variety

    Such as metal band sawing machine, horizontal band sawing machine, gantry band sawing machine, CNC band sawing machine, circular saw, etc.

  • Good after-sales service

    If there is a serious problem of sawing machine,
    our company will assign professional technicians to
    repair it in the past.

  • Company profile

    The company implements "people-oriented, quality first, continuous innovation" development strategy.

    竞技宝官网-竞技宝-竞技宝app (formerly zhejiang lishui shendiao machinery co., LTD.) is located in China's largest production base of sawing machine pot town,
    the company was built in 1995, plant a total area of 12000 square meters, is specialized is engaged in the band sawing machine manufacture and
    development of enterprises, zhejiang morning eagle machinery co., LTD. "shendiao" brand sawing machine brand has...


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